what we do

Sapienta Economics is an independent consultancy
producing unrivalled analysis on Cyprus
for a range of prestigious clients.

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Bespoke Consultancy

Cyprus has a complex political and geopolitical landscape and its economy is rarely covered frequently or in-depth by international outlets. You may require urgent or ongoing insights or advice on specific issues relating to Cyprus or the region that you cannot find elsewhere. We are often called upon to fill that gap and we would be happy to tailor this analysis to your specific requirements. Click on the heading and scroll to find our rate card.

Monthly Cyprus Analysis

Comprehensive, unrivalled insight into all things Cyprus: energy including natural gas, fiscal policy, the macroeconomy, the banking sector, and politics including the Cyprus problem. Clients include the European Commission, the World Bank, Pimco, Caius Capital, Chevron, PwC, EY, the UN and many others, including well over a dozen embassies including P5 and EU. There is really nothing else like it in the market. Click on the heading to learn more.
about us

Our Director

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Our Director Fiona Mullen @FionaMullenCY has over 20 years’ political and economic analysis experience and is frequently interviewed by the international media. Read more about her experience here.


An objective perspective

We have no ties to political parties here or abroad and no investments in Cyprus shares or bonds. You can rely on our independence and objectivity from an on-the-ground perspective. 


In-Depth Analysis

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Our services provide an in-depth insight into the prospects for political stability, government effectiveness, a resolution of the Cyprus problem, sectoral policies including natural gas, fiscal performance, debt sustainability, banking sector stability and the latest economic trends.


We have a range of prestigious local and international clients

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  • Our clients include banks, funds, big four accounting firms, big oil/gas companies, international institutions, embassies and more.
  • No other organization offers such breadth and depth of inter-related issues. Produced by a highly experienced analyst on the ground these easy-to-read reports are understandable to the layperson and specialist.
  • In both our consultancy services and subscription products we pride ourselves on going one step further than the rest. Sapienta Economics rigorously tests common assumptions and provides enlightenment on today’s hot issues.
  • Sapienta Economics is independent, with no political ties in Cyprus or abroad and no investment in Cyprus shares or bonds.