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What do we analyze? Each month, we cover: political trends including the Cyprus problem; fiscal performance; debt sustainability; banking sector stability; sectoral policies including natural gas; the latest macroeconomic trends; a medium-term fiscal and GDP forecast; and economic developments in northern Cyprus.

What do our reports contain? Around 25 pages, 15-20 tables and charts, as well as medium-term forecasts for public debt, the fiscal balance and the macroeconomy including real GDP growth. Each monthly issue is produced at the end of the month to which it refers. For example, the September issue is typically published on 30 September.

What makes us different? With nearly 20 years experience on the ground, no stakes in any Cypriot securities and no ties to political parties at home or abroad, we are confident that no other organization can match the depth, breadth and independence of Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus.

Who are our subscribers? Clients include more than a dozen embassies, international organizations, big four, big oil/gas, banks, fund managers, large foreign direct investors and others.
Sapienta Country Analysis is now available as an optional extra on your Bloomberg terminal {SEOR}.

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Standard sections

  • Overview
  • Political analysis and outlook
  • Sectoral policies and energy
  • Fiscal performance and forecast
  • Banking sector
  • Macroeconomic trends and forecast
  • Economy of northern Cyprus*
  • Charts

*Areas not under the effective control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

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Cyprus political outlook 30 October 2021
What do the latest political developments mean for stability and security on the island and how might regional developments alter the direction of the Cyprus problem?
€90.00 ex VAT

Cyprus sectoral policies and energy 30 October 2021

What is the future for East Med gas in the short to medium term? How are structural reforms progressing and what are the obstacles?
€90.00 ex VAT

Cyprus fiscal performance 30 October 2021
What economic policies have been implemented to tackle Covid-19 and how have they affected the stability of public finances?
€90.00 ex VAT

Cyprus banking sector 30 October 2021
How stable are the banks these days and what should you be keeping an eye on?
€90.00 ex VAT

Cyprus macroeconomic trends 30 October 2021
What do the latest figures tell us about the direction of economic activity and what is our real GDP growth forecast?
€90.00 ex VAT

Northern* Cyprus economy 30 October 2021
*Areas not under the effective control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus
€90.00 ex VAT

Full issue of Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus 30 October 2021
Buy the latest full issue containing all five of the sections above.
€240.00 ex VAT