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About Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus 

Unrivalled analysis of politics, economic policy, and the economy, every month.

What is in the reports?

What do you analyze? Each month, we analyze in-depth: political trends including the Cyprus problem; fiscal performance; debt sustainability; banking sector stability; sectoral policies including natural gas; the latest macroeconomic trends; a medium-term fiscal and GDP forecast; and economic developments in northern Cyprus.

What do your reports contain? Around 25 pages, 15-20 tables and charts, as well as medium-term forecasts for public debt, the fiscal balance and the macroeconomy including real GDP growth. Each monthly issue is produced at the end of the month to which it refers. For example, the September issue is typically published on 30 September.

What subjects do you cover?

  • Executive summary
  • Political analysis and outlook
  • Energy and structural reforms
  • Fiscal performance and forecast
  • Banking sector
  • Macroeconomic trends and forecast
  • Economy of northern Cyprus*
  • Charts

*Areas not under the effective control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

Tell me more

What makes you different? With nearly 20 years experience on the ground, no stakes in any Cypriot securities and no ties to political parties at home or abroad, we are confident that no other organization can match the depth, breadth and independence of Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus.

Who are your subscribers? Clients for our unrivalled analysis include the European Commission, the World Bank, Pimco, Caius Capital, Chevron, PwC, EY, the UN, other large foreign direct investors and many others, including well over a dozen embassies from the P5 and elsewhere. You can hire us for bespoke consultancy services on Cyprus or you can take advantage of our monthly analysis. Please enquire about our special packages available for embassies.

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What are my subscription options?

Standard subscription. 12 monthly issues per year plus access to archive of the last 12 issues. If paid annually: €1900 ex VAT for up to 5 users within a single organization. If paid monthly: €190 ex VAT for up to 5 users within a single organization.

Premium subscription. Access to the full monthly archive from December 2012 to date, free entry to our webinars. In addition to 12 monthly issues per year, the analyst will alert you by email of critical developments as they occur, include two to three lines of comment, and be available for brief email or phone follow-up. If paid annually: €2300 ex VAT for up to 5 users within a single organization. If paid monthly: €230 ex VAT for up to 5 users within a single organization.

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Can I get a free trial?

By all means! Please get in touch with us here

This is beyond my budget. Do you have anything else?

You can receive the Executive Summary of our monthly report for just €100 per year by signing up on Substack here. In 2024 we also launched a subscription service for our Special Reports