What is the political and geopolitical impact of the European elections in Cyprus? Read our insights

About Sapienta Special Reports

Sapienta Special Reports come in two formats: Cyprus Insights (launched) and Cyprus Backgrounders (forthcoming).

Cyprus Insights

Cyprus Insights are primarily events-led briefings aimed at professionals who need to report back quickly to their head offices or capitals about significant new developments in Cyprus. Cyprus Insights are 2-3 pages, text-only briefings under the headings listed below*. They are intended primarily as an add-on for subscribers to the monthly, in-depth Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus but may also be purchased as a standalone subscription. Subscribers may also make suggestions for topics (see below). Reports are written by Fiona Mullen, a Cyprus-based analyst who has been providing independent analysis on Cyprus to international and local audiences for over 25 years.

Standard sections of events-led Cyprus Insights*

  • What is happening?
  • Why is it significant?
  • Further details
  • What to expect: scenarios
  • Impact on security/international relations/financial stability (as appropriate).

*In the event that the Cyprus Insight is a background briefing, the same headings will be followed to the maximum extent possible.

When is the next report and what will be the topic?

Reports are published approximately every two months. Below is the schedule for 2024. 

  1. Cyprus problem. What to expect from the just-appointed UN envoy, including three scenarios with differing likelihoods. Published on 9 January 2024.
  2. Natural gas. Update on natural gas development plans for Chevron-led Aphrodite, ENI-led Cronos, relevant developments in Israel and Egypt and three scenarios relating to security risks. Published on 5 April 2024.
  3. Elections. Analysis of European Parliament and local election results. Published on 10 June 2024.
  4. Politics. Politics of northern Cyprus. This will be a backgrounder unless there are key developments that require analysis. Due by 15 August.
  5. Electricity. Electricity developments. This will be a backgrounder unless there are key developments that require analysis. Due by 15 October.
  6. Economy. Comparison of economy on both parts of the island. Due by 15 December.

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Cyprus Backgrounders: forthcoming

Cyprus Backgrounders will be deeper briefings on longstanding issues in Cyprus.