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At Sapienta Economics we offer over 20 years deep, detailed, on-the-ground analysis of all aspects the Cyprus economy as well as years of working very closely on the Cyprus problem. We are confident that no other organization in Cyprus or abroad can match our breadth, depth and independence of analysis on Cyprus.

Why you need independent analysis on Cyprus

Cyprus is a small European Union country in the Eastern Mediterranean with an all-island population of just over 1 million. It is a member of the European Union and the eurozone but, because of the ongoing Cyprus problem, it is not a member of the OECD. These factors – small size, absence from OECD statistics, a complicated political problem – mean that most large institutions dedicate few resources to the analyzing country.

For example, at the economic level, Cyprus is often left out of comparative economic analyses that pull data from OECD countries.  When something big happens (e.g. Ukraine war, Covid-19, global financial crisis, local financial crisis, high-level Cyprus problem negotiations), international analysts tend to second-guess what is going on. This leads to a misunderstanding of risks and therefore, quite likely, a mis-pricing of risk. This mis-pricing can be in two directions. Sometimes international analysis is too bearish and sometimes it is too bullish.

Another issue with analysis produced by local institutions is independence. Most institutions in Cyprus have a commercial or political interest in persuading you to invest here or keep your money here. We have no such affiliations. We make no investments in Cypriot shares or bonds and we have no party political affiliations. This means we can make an honest assessment of the situation. Sometimes things are better than they appear (for example, immediately after sanctions were imposed on Russia in 2022) and sometimes they are worse than they appear (in the run-up to the Cyprus financial crisis in 2013).

This is why Sapienta Economics is trusted by some of the largest companies in the world and some of the largest institutions.

Our analysis comes in primarily two forms: our monthly flagship Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus and our bespoke services. Read on to learn more.

Monthly reports

If you are looking for regular in-depth analysis on the following topics visit our Country Analysis Cyprus page

  • Political analysis and outlook
  • Energy and structural reforms
  • Fiscal performance and forecast
  • Banking sector
  • Macroeconomic trends and forecast
  • Economy of northern Cyprus*

*Areas not under the effective control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus.


Bespoke services

Clients often seek us out for urgent or ongoing insights and advice on hot issues in Cyprus or the region that are tailored to their specific requirements.

Check out our rate card for bespoke services that include the following.

  • One-to-one consultations
  • Specialized research reports
  • Conference speeches 
  • Panel appearances
  • And more

Special reports

We also do special reports on topical issues. See the latest below and more about Special Reports here.

UN Envoy, 9 January 2024. What can we expect from the new enjoy appointed in January 2024? Read our insights

Sapienta Cyprus Insights: the New UN Envoy

What is happening? Why is it significant? Further details. What to expect: scenarios. Impact on security/international relations.

Earlier Special Reports

Cyprus and Russia Sanctions: 29 April 2022. This Special Report on the impact of Russia sanctions contains the following:

  • The estimated hit to Bank of Cyprus and Hellenic Bank of Russian sanctions.
  • The estimated hit to the broader economy (impact on GDP growth).
  • An estimate of the value of Russian business to the broader Cyprus economy.
  • Data on FDI to and from Russia (and why they are problematic).
  • Data on exports of services to Russia.
  • Data on imports of hydrocarbons from Russia.

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Single issues

You can also buy recent single issues of our latest Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus here.

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You may also contact us for a free trial. 

Full issue of Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus 31 May 2024

This is a single issue of our monthly Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus.. Our subscribers include the biggest companies and largest international institutions in the world. In addition to an executive summary, each reports contains 6 in-depth sections. To find out more about an annual subscription read more here.

  • Political analysis and outlook
  • Energy and structural reforms
  • Fiscal performance and forecast
  • Banking sector
  • Macroeconomic trends and forecast
  • Economy of northern Cyprus*
  • Charts

*Areas not under the effective control of the government of the Republic of Cyprus.

The first Covid-19 issue published on 31 Mar 2020

Within days of Cyprus imposing a harsh Covid-19 lockdown and closing crossing points along the UN-monitored buffer zone, we produced a full and then ongoing analysis of the impact on public finances, the banking sector and the Cyprus problem.

The Crans Montana issue published 31 July 2017

The high-level negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem crashed on 7 July 2017 with recriminations and different narratives on all sides. Here we tried to unpick what really went on, as well as covering in-depth the other sections as usual.

Sapienta analysis of the Cyprus haircut: March 2013

In March 2013 eurozone finance ministers decided to impose a haircut/bail-in on Cyprus bank depositors. Within days, we had analyzed both the political and economic fallout in an early version of our monthly Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus.


We launched a newsletter on Substack in 2022. It has a number of subseries. You can sign up for free for the newsletter here

  • The Week in Cyprus. A regular selection of links to news in Cyprus for ‘outsiders looking in’. It does not cover all news, just developments that have a bearing on the investment climate in Cyprus or on international relations, including any significant moves on the Cyprus problem. 
  • The Week in the Cyprus Region (formerly Sapienta Cyprus Selection). A regular selection of links to news around the region that is of medium- and long-term relevance to people living and doing business in Cyprus. It aims to focus on news items that are not necessarily covered in the classic media.
  • Cyprus Pocket Brief. This is the executive summary of the flagship Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus report—a peak into what prestigious subscribers get with a full subscription. 
  • Sapienta Cyprus Reflections. Here our director, Fiona Mullen, draws attention to global or Cypriot developments and explain how they might affect Cyprus businesses or Cypriot interests. On occasion she will also dive into subjects covered in earlier editions of Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus.

  • Sapienta Cyprus Backgrounder. A quick snapshot on various long-term issues in Cyprus. 

Podcast: Figure It

Hosted by IslandTalks.fm Cyprus’ only trilingual podcast station of Cyprus, Figure It aims to go beyond the headlines, hosting respected names & specialists on economic and social issues to mythbust some of the most common misconceptions on the island.