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17 Jan 2016 Are Turkish Cypriot banks really the Wild West?

In an interview with the Financial Times this week, the finance minister, Harris Georgiades, referring to the Turkish Cypriot banking sector, said “It’s a bit of a wild-west situation. Nobody knows enough about ownership, capitalisation and supervision in the Turkish Cypriot banking system.” Taken at face value, this suggests that there is no information at all on the Turkish Cypriot banks. However, with a little bit of digging and a lot of Google Translate, it is possible to glean some facts about the banks in northern Cyprus.

27 September 2015 A post-solution Cyprus education hub

When thinking about the economic opportunities that will come with a solution of the island’s longstanding division, the obvious sectors that come to mind are tourism and construction. But there is another sector that, if the opportunity is seized, stands to gain a great deal and that is higher education.

29 May 2015 Can the bailout buffer fund a Cyprus solution?

In a recent column Alexander Apostolides suggested that the international community could support a solution of the Cyprus problem if the two communities’ biggest creditors wrote off debt. That would be Turkey for the Turkish Cypriots and the troika lenders – the European Support Mechanism (ESM) and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) for the Greek Cypriots.

Greece has made talk of debt write-offs somewhat toxic these days, however, so maybe there is a more palatable way of approaching it.

15 May 2015 Let it not be ‘the economy, stupid’

Talks to resolve the Cyprus problem start earlier than expected on Friday, and all of a sudden, after more than ten years and lots of tears, people are daring to hope again that a solution might be possible.
According to research, the hardcore ‘no’ vote among Greek Cypriots is about 25%. Interestingly, it is the same size as the hardcore ‘yes’ vote. That leaves a very large 50% of undecided voters. These people will be swayed by whoever has the best strategy for the referendum. Read full article here

25 April 2015 Northern Cyprus demographics: who is voting anyway?

Of the many hot issues surrounding the Cyprus problem, the demographic question is one of the biggest. Who actually lives in northern Cyprus and what influence they have over the elections is a topic of much debate. This is because it goes to the core of questions about identity, not only for Greek Cypriots but Turkish Cypriots too. The first wave of people who came from Turkey, commonly referred to as ‘settlers’, came mainly from Anatolia. They tended to have different cultural norms and religious attitudes to indigenous Turkish Cypriots, let alone Greek Cypriots. Another wave brought students, construction workers and other workers who, as Mete Hatay, who has studied this issue for years explains, do not take root. “They come and go,” he says. So how many ‘settlers’ are there? What influence do they have in elections? And who counts as a settler anyway? Read full article here.

31 August 2014 Sapienta Country Analysis August: Executive summary

Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus, August 2014

Executive summary

Political analysis and outlook The minority DISY-led government has faced fierce resistance to a bill to speed up foreclosures on non-performing loans (NPLs) that is due for a parliamentary vote on 5 September. There are hopes that the autumn period will see a revival of the slow-moving negotiations to resolve the Cyprus problem but we believe that there will be no significant progress until after the Turkish Cypriot presidential election in April 2015.