31 Jul 2016 Aphrodite’s Cyprus problem

While everyone is getting excited about the big-name bidders in the third Cyprus offshore gas licensing round, it is worth remembering the excitement that first greeted the discovery by Noble Energy in late 2011 of the Aphrodite field in offshore Block 12.

24 Jul 2016 A Turkish Cypriot EEA?

I have spent the best part of the last 13 years trying to do my bit for a federal solution of the Cyprus problem, so writing this article feels like committing a cardinal sin.
But for the many and multiplying reasons I have written about elsewhere, time has almost run out for solving the Cyprus problem any time this decade.

10 Jul 2016 No gain without wage reform

Back in 2013, the Cyprus economy was staring over the abyss. Two of the largest banks were about to fold, the government was unable to borrow money to recapitalise them and it was not at all certain that there was political will among eurozone leaders to help

22 May 2016 Phantom fall in Cyprus jobless numbers

In the run-up to the elections, the government has naturally made the most of figures showing that Cyprus has recorded the fastest fall of recorded unemployment in the EU. The problem with registered unemployment, however, is that it does not measure everyone who is out of work.

08 May 2016 Higher oil prices will affect your pocket

Statistics released on Thursday showed that Cyprus recorded its 34th month of deflation in April. According to the national consumer price index (CPI), prices fell by 2.5% over the year earlier, the same pace of decline as in March. The last time prices actually increased compared with the same month of the previous year was June 2013, when a tiny increase of 0.1% was recorded.