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31 Jul 2016 Aphrodite’s Cyprus problem

While everyone is getting excited about the big-name bidders in the third Cyprus offshore gas licensing round, it is worth remembering the excitement that first greeted the discovery by Noble Energy in late 2011 of the Aphrodite field in offshore Block 12.

29 May 2016 Solution or bust for the Cyprus economy?

Clouds have been gathering since April over the prospects of a solution of the Cyprus problem. There was the collapse of the Turkish Cypriot coalition and the subsequent shift in a hardline direction in April; another hardline shift in the Republic of Cyprus (RoC) parliamentary elections in May, as well as the removal of Turkish prime minister Ahmet Davutoglu, with unknown consequences for the future.

31 Jan 2016 Can EastMed gas finally fix the Cyprus problem?

A few years ago, I was frequently asked if I thought natural gas discoveries in the Eastern Mediterranean could be a catalyst for a solution of the Cyprus problem. At the time I was sceptical. However, a number of developments have taken place since that have led me to alter my opinion.