31 July 2018 Executive Summary Sapienta Country Analysis Cyprus

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The following is a shortened version of the executive summary in the subscription product. Contact us for a free trial POLITICAL ANALYSIS AND OUTLOOK: Exploratory talks have started for a resumption of negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem. It is not certain that talks will resume, although a threat by the US to veto the renewal of peacekeeping forces may concentrate minds. STRUCTURAL REFORMS AND NATURAL GAS: New laws will bolster the investment fund sector. Electricity liberalization is likely...

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11 Mar 2018 Can a Cyprus solution fix the bank NPL problem?

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This is the English version the article published in Greek in Politis on Sunday 11 March 2018.  If you read between the lines of what Danièle Nouy, the Chair of the Supervisory Board of the European Central Bank (ECB), said during her visit in February, the banks have only a short period in which to take major steps to fix their €21 billion problem with non-performing loans (NPLs). The European Commission is currently examining the proposed ESTIA programme, that...

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17 December 2017 Addressing Cyprus’ international reputation

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This article first appeared in the print edition of Phileleftheros on Sunday 17 December 2017 Addressing Cyprus’ international reputation By Lefteris Adilinis and Fiona Mullen This year has not been a good one for anyone involved in trying to improve Cyprus’ international reputation for probity. International media outlets have zoned in on the relationships of various personalities with Russian business, and more often than not have found a link with Cyprus. Moreover, they continue to describe Cyprus in unsavoury...

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02 Sep 2017 The Turkish Cypriot property dilemma

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If my hunch is right, then Turkey’s ‘Plan B’ after the collapse of talks in early July to solve the Cyprus problem involves four key steps. The first two are to offer permanent residence to the Maronites in their traditional villages and to open up Varosha to its original inhabitants (under whose control seems to be still under discussion). The third step would be to speed up compensation for Greek Cypriot dispossessed owners in the Immovable Property Commission (IPC),...

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31 Aug 2017 Country Analysis Cyprus: short executive summary

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CYPRUS EXEC SUM 31 AUG 2017: SAPIENTA COUNTRY ANALYSIS CYPRUS The following is a shortened version of the executive summary in the subscription product. Contact us for a free trial Political analysis and outlook: The Cyprus problem is likely to remain in limbo for a while, as the UN has taken a step back. Rumours have resurfaced about Greek Cypriot plans for a two-state solution, while Turkey has been sending mixed messages about abandoning a federal settlement. Structural reforms...

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20 Aug 2017 Politics of identity: Right or wrong?

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There is a theory doing the rounds in US politics at the moment which goes something like this: the rise of white supremacists is all the fault of the Democrats, because they have focused on the ‘politics of identity’, also sometimes called the ‘politics of victimhood’ or the ‘politics of hate’. Kinder analysis simply says it is a vote-loser and the Democrats should focus on something else instead. Below I explain why the vote-loser argument might have some merit....

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13 Aug 2017: Retailers lose out if crossing points close

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January-July this year, Turkish Cypriots spent €14.7 million using plastic cards south of the Green Line, while Greek Cypriots spent €5.1 million in the north, according to data from JCC Payment Systems. Another €1.8 million was spent by Greek Cypriots in Turkey. JCC has been producing statistics on card spending across the Green Line for 10 years: enough to see some patterns. Greek Cypriot and Turkish Cypriot card spending is my shorthand for JCC’s “use of Turkish credit cards...

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06 Aug 2017 EU duties to Turkish Cypriots

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In 2014, 92,000 Turkish Cypriots were eligible to vote in the 2014 Republic of Cyprus parliamentary election. This means that there are at least 92,000 EU citizens residing in northern Cyprus. If you count the children, there are even more. Inferring from the 2011 Turkish Cypriot census, I concluded there were just over around 136,000 people of (only) Turkish Cypriot origin in northern Cyprus in that year. The death of negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem, in particular declarations by Turkey...

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30 Jul 2017 Why are Cyprus milk prices so high?

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Last month, the EU’s statistical service, Eurostat, published comparisons of various consumer prices across the EU. The results are based on surveys of more than 2,400 consumer goods and services. Price differences are calculated on a ‘purchasing power parity’ (PPP) basis. This means that Eurostat officials do not just compare the sales price of a litre of milk, they compare its price relative to spending power in that country. Overall, Cyprus came out lower than the EU average for...

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22 July 2017 Construction is back! (Or is it?)

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The index of production in construction produced by the Statistical Service (Cystat) reported a whopping 36.5% year-on-year increase in the first quarter of 2017. This followed double-digit growth rates for four out of the five preceding quarters. Growth is being led by the construction of buildings, where production expanded year on year in the first quarter by 43.4%. Civil engineering projects rose by a still robust but less dramatic 15%. It is now pretty clear what is behind the...

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