06 Aug 2017 EU duties to Turkish Cypriots

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In 2014, 92,000 Turkish Cypriots were eligible to vote in the 2014 Republic of Cyprus parliamentary election. This means that there are at least 92,000 EU citizens residing in northern Cyprus. If you count the children, there are even more. Inferring from the 2011 Turkish Cypriot census, I concluded there were just over around 136,000 people of (only) Turkish Cypriot origin in northern Cyprus in that year. The death of negotiations to solve the Cyprus problem, in particular declarations by Turkey...

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30 Jul 2017 Why are Cyprus milk prices so high?

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Last month, the EU’s statistical service, Eurostat, published comparisons of various consumer prices across the EU. The results are based on surveys of more than 2,400 consumer goods and services. Price differences are calculated on a ‘purchasing power parity’ (PPP) basis. This means that Eurostat officials do not just compare the sales price of a litre of milk, they compare its price relative to spending power in that country. Overall, Cyprus came out lower than the EU average for...

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22 July 2017 Construction is back! (Or is it?)

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The index of production in construction produced by the Statistical Service (Cystat) reported a whopping 36.5% year-on-year increase in the first quarter of 2017. This followed double-digit growth rates for four out of the five preceding quarters. Growth is being led by the construction of buildings, where production expanded year on year in the first quarter by 43.4%. Civil engineering projects rose by a still robust but less dramatic 15%. It is now pretty clear what is behind the...

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16 Jul 2017 An idea of the deal that never was

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One of the greatest tragedies of the breakdown of the talks to solve the Cyprus problem in Crans-Montana last week was that we had only just found out what each party really cared about. This only really came out at the ‘last supper’, as people are now calling it, on July 6. We already knew that Greek Cypriots really cared about an end to troops and guarantees, but it was only at the dinner that it became clear (to...

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09 Jul 2017 Cyprus, Turkey and the four freedoms

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One of the issues on the table at the Conference on Cyprus in Crans Montana these past two weeks has been the rights of Turkish citizens in Cyprus. This has typically been described as Turkey wanting the ‘four freedoms’ (freedom of movement of goods, services, capital and labour). Turkey’s specific request is that Turkish nationals should enjoy the same rights in Cyprus as Greek nationals. Are non-EU nationals an EU or national competence? Greek Cypriots have argued that giving...

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02 Jul 2017 Is Cyprus becoming more unequal?

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Every month I take a deep dive into the Cyprus economy, looking at all kinds of indicators to explain to subscribers what is going on and what might come next. Going as deep as possible into the statistics can alert you either to forthcoming problems, or better times ahead. For example, after a lot of rummaging around in bank financial statements in April 2011 (two years before the peak of the crisis), I wrote about the risks to the...

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25 Jun 2017 An investment fund for a united Cyprus

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If the talks among all parties that are due to take place in Crans-Montana from June 28 go the way of the optimists, and a settlement of the Cyprus problem is finally in sight, then the next focus for those involved will be how to ensure that the settlement passes a referendum in each community. This will involve a vast range of efforts to inform the public about the details of a settlement. As I have written before, a...

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17 Jun 2017 Is public spending back to the bad old days?

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This week the Statistical Service, Cystat, published statistics on employment in the broad public sector. The figures show that public-sector employment has hit its highest level since the Cyprus financial crisis, reaching 60,146 in the first quarter of 2017, compared with a previous peak of 61,510 in the same period of 2012. We are now fewer than 12 months away from the presidential election due in February 2018, so this begs the question of whether the government has fallen...

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10 Jun 2017 Unite Cyprus Now proves the island’s potential

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Imagine a business that takes a day to decide on a memorable slogan and hashtag, around 10 days to design its own brand colours and typeface, two weeks to grab the attention of the international media, and just a little longer to draw a crowd of over 300 punters aged three to 73. This is not a business, of course, but the remarkable flourishing of Unite Cyprus Now, a growing band of enthusiasts at the Nicosia Ledra Street (Lokmaci) crossing,...

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04 Jun 2017 Attracting more investors to the Co-op bank

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This week the government announced that it was going to return 25% of the shares of the Cooperative Central Bank (the co-op) to members. The co-op ended up almost exclusively in state hands as a by-product of the financial crisis in 2013. As part of the deal, and as I understand it, to comply with the EU state aid rules, the government promised to privatise the bank within a set number of years. I do not know how the...

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